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Solving Complex Divorce Issues Through Mediation

So many divorces include complex financial, custody and support issues. If you plan to engage a mediator during your divorce, it’s important to have a plan to solve these problems. Here are some tips to make the process easier. Know the issues You will probably have an idea of which issues are most likely to… Read More »

How to Find the Right Divorce Mediator

Mediation can simplify and even expedite the divorce process. If you and your spouse are willing to work together on dividing assets, creating a coparenting plan and handling other issues, the next step is to find a great mediator. Here’s how to narrow down your options and find the right mediator for you. Mediation background:… Read More »

Grounds for Divorce in New York

If you’re thinking of divorcing in New York state, it’s important that you understand what constitutes grounds for divorce. If you fail to meet the residency or have an acceptable reason for divorce, it could be delayed or better handled in another state. Residency requirements You must meet one of the following conditions: You or… Read More »

Are Mothers Favored in Custody Agreements?

Divorcing is already a mental, emotional and financial strain. When parents contemplate the possibility of being separated from their children, it can be extremely distressing. Clients often wonder whether mothers are favored in custody agreements. In the past, mothers were favored because they were also considered primary caregivers. Here’s the good news: New York takes… Read More »

Health Insurance After Your Divorce

Excessive medical debt plagues millions of Americans. Health insurance can help defray these costs and protect your financial health. If you depend on a spouse for health insurance, however, divorce often means you’ll need to come up with a new plan. Health insurance in divorce settlements Health insurance can be included in divorce settlements, depending… Read More »

Prenuptial vs. Postnuptial Agreements

No one wants to enter marriage already contemplating divorce, but it can be a prudent move, especially if you’ve been married before. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements both determine how assets will be divided in the event the marriage ends. What’s the difference between prenuptial and postnuptial agreements? Here’s a brief overview of what they are… Read More »

What to Do When Your Spouse Says They Want a Divorce

It is common for one spouse to unilaterally decide their marriage is over. When this happens, it can cause the other spouse significant distress. You might be tempted to beg them to stay, preemptively take your half of the joint assets or other emotional reactions. Unfortunately, knee-jerk responses can work against you. Here are some… Read More »

If Your Relationship Has an Imbalance of Power, Mediation May Not Be the Answer

Divorce mediation is a good way to find equitable solutions after you split. From dividing assets to negotiating custody and child support, mediation is a cooperative process. Instead of hiring lawyers for adversarial litigation, you may be able to reach a fair agreement for a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, mediation isn’t right for all… Read More »

Finding Happiness During and After Your Divorce

Divorce is a major life change. With that change can come lots of complicated emotions, in addition to changes in location, financial situation, parenting arrangements and more. Staying emotionally and mentally healthy during and after the divorce process can be a challenge. Here are some tips for finding happiness during this tough time: Put the… Read More »

Who Gets the Engagement Ring in a Divorce?

Engagement rings are often one of the most expensive gifts someone can give—and when a marriage ends, it’s natural that the purchaser might want to get it back. In most states, including New York, engagement rings are considered a “conditional gift.” Do you have to give an engagement ring back to the purchaser? Here’s an… Read More »