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You May Go Back to Mediation After a Divorce is Finalized

After your divorce is finalized, you might at some point need to make some adjustments to your divorce agreement to reflect changes that have occurred in your life circumstances. Rather than going straight to court with these issues, you may wish to instead return to mediation to work through the issue with your ex. Here… Read More »

The Differences Between Divorce Mediators and Divorce Lawyers

If you and your spouse have decided you will move forward with a divorce, you may consider mediation as an alternative to courtroom litigation. The mediation process involves you and your spouse meeting with a mediator who helps you navigate some of the important issues related to your divorce, including property division, child custody, child… Read More »

Tips to Help You Achieve an Equitable Division of Property in Mediation

One of the primary issues divorcing couples will need to work through during the divorce mediation process is how they will divide their marital assets in a way that is equitable. Keep in mind that equitable does not necessarily mean equal—it simply means fair. The division of marital property may seemingly favor one spouse in… Read More »

How You Can Achieve a Relatively Peaceful Divorce

No divorce is going to be a perfectly amicable and pleasant process, but not every divorce needs to be a messy drag-out fight, either. There are strategies you can employ to achieve a relatively peaceful and stress-free divorce to save yourself time and money. Here are a few of those strategies you can use. Practice… Read More »

What Happens if Divorce Mediation Doesn’t Work for Us?

One of the common concerns people tend to have about divorce mediation is that it will not work out for them, and then they’ll be right back where they started. It’s true that there are people who go into the mediation process with good intentions, but soon discover it isn’t going to work for them…. Read More »

Keep an Open Mind When Negotiating Divorce Agreements

When the negotiations get started in your mediation sessions, it is likely your mediator will want to first get started with simpler issues. The idea is you can address issues that are low stakes and don’t involve much complexity, so you can build some momentum and feel good about the mediation process. Even with these… Read More »

Setting Yourself Up for Success in Mediation

Mediation is frequently relied upon as a method for avoiding litigation in divorce. But while mediation does have a very good potential to help you work through your issues and avoid court, it doesn’t just happen magically. There are some steps you can take to set yourself up for some success in the process to… Read More »

How Do Lawyers Help in Divorce Mediation?

One common question people have about mediation is whether they need an attorney in the process. While technically you can go through the mediation process without an attorney, it’s much more advisable that you seek legal assistance in the process. Here are just a few of the biggest benefits that come with working with an… Read More »

Mediation Can Be Used for Prenups

When implementing a prenup, it is important to do so in a tactful, collaborative manner. If each party “lawyers up” as part of the prenup, it could lead to a very confrontational, adversarial process that sours the relationship. Mediation, therefore, is a great tool for developing prenuptial agreements because it is designed in a way… Read More »

What is the Difference Between Arbitration and Mediation?

Arbitration and mediation are both forms of alternative dispute resolution in divorce that can allow you to avoid the costly and time-consuming process of litigation. Both allow more privacy and control over the divorce process. However, outside of those primary benefits, the processes differ significantly. Let’s take a look. Mediation Mediation involves a third-party mediator… Read More »