How to Find the Right Divorce Mediator

Mediation can simplify and even expedite the divorce process. If you and your spouse are willing to work together on dividing assets, creating a coparenting plan and handling other issues, the next step is to find a great mediator. Here’s how to narrow down your options and find the right mediator for you.

    • Mediation background: Ask about your mediator’s experience and background. For instance, have they completed mediation courses? What is their educational background? What kind of cases do they typically handle? Divorce lawyers can be great mediators—but sometimes they’re more adversarial than necessary.
    • Divorce experience: Next, find out how much experience the mediator has with divorces. While many mediators work in multiple areas of law, you may prefer someone who focuses solely on divorce.
    • Experience with special issues: If your divorce will involve any special issues, such as complex financial divisions or unusual child custody cases, ask about their experience in these areas. Some mediators have additional certifications or training in areas like accounting, social work and marriage and family counseling.
    • Communication style: Ask your mediator how they prefer to communicate with clients, and how often or when you should expect to hear from them.
    • Fee schedule and “extras”: Find out how your mediator charges fees, and whether they include or charge for any extras, such as filing paperwork, serving papers, additional sessions and court fees.
    • Personality fit: Finally, choose a mediator who is a good personality fit. Your mediator should make you both feel comfortable and confident in the process. They should be a good listener and fair to both parties. Look for someone who puts the focus on finding solutions, rather than their own opinions.

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