How to Handle Social Media During Divorce Mediation

If you’re used to sharing personal details of your life on social media, you might be tempted to publicly work through your feelings during the divorce process. After all, it’s a major life event that many other people have experienced. Unfortunately, this can cause problems.

Here are tips to handle social media during the mediation process:

  • Imagine all your posts will be public:You might be tempted to post the details of your mediation or how you really feel about your ex. Before you hit “post,” divorce-related or not, imagine that these posts would be viewed in court or a newspaper. Don’t put anything in writing that you wouldn’t want on the front page of the paper—and don’t post about your divorce.
  • Don’t post new acquisitions:Sure, you might want to post photos of the fabulous trip you took or your new right-hand ring—but that can work against you, even in a collaborative environment.
  • Don’t rise to the bait:If anyone posts something negative about you or your ex, resist the urge to dash off a heated response. Instead, wait 24 hours and determine if it really warrants a (polite) response.
  • Unfriend your ex and in-laws:It can be tough disengaging from your in-laws, especially if you were close. Unfortunately, they may take sides or report on your activities to your ex. It’s best to hide your posts from them or unfriend them entirely.
  • Stay professional:In the end, choosing to stay professional and polite—and avoiding mentioning your divorce online—is the best way to approach mediation. If you share custody of your children, continue this approach even after the divorce is final.

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