Is Bird’s Nest Custody Right for You?

Is Bird's Nest Custody Right for You?

If you’ve heard about “birdnesting” or “bird’s nest custody,” you might be wondering if this is the right choice for your post-divorce family. Bird’s nest custody keeps the children in one home, while their parents move in and out during their visitation times.

What is bird’s nest custody and what does it involve?

When you opt for bird’s custody, you’ll need a home of your own to retreat to, after your primary parenting time is over.

Obviously, bird’s nest custody requires that the family be able to afford to keep their family home in addition to buying or renting two other homes for each parent. It’s not a financial option for most families. However, if you can afford it, it’s nice to know that the children will have a stable home base, without being shuttled back and forth between homes.

Is birdnesting right for us?

If you have an amicable relationship with your ex and don’t mind spending your parenting time in the family home, birdnesting could work for you. However, it takes very mature parents and a certain financial situation to be successful.

If you don’t get along with your ex, you can’t afford another home, the family home holds bitter memories or you’re otherwise hesitant, don’t worry. Your children will still survive and thrive, even if they have to go back and forth between parental homes. Bird’s nest custody is simply one option of many.

However, if you decide that you want to try bird’s nest custody, make sure you and your spouse discuss it with your mediator in detail. For more information about divorce, custody and birdnesting, talk to the experienced Long Island divorce mediators at Solutions Divorce Mediation today.

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