Modifying Child Support and Custody Issues Through Mediation

Once you go through divorce and custody mediation, you might assume that your parenting agreement will remain in place until the children are grown. This is not the case: child support and custody agreements can be modified until the children reach adulthood.

Here are some situations when you might need to modify your parenting agreement:

  • Change in financial circumstances:As the tumultuous economy has proven, financial circumstances can change in the blink of an eye. For example, if a parent takes a significant cut in pay, they may need to modify the child support agreement.
  • One parent needs to move away: Sometimes work or other obligations require a parent to move away, whether permanently or temporarily. This typically requires a change in custody and support agreements. The moving parent may need to pay more support and relinquish some of their physical custodial rights to ensure the children remain in a stable home.
  • Change to schedules:If one parent has a major change in schedule, that can change everything. For example, working nights might mean it’s more practical to let the other parent take the children during the week, while the parent on night shift parents on the weekends.
  • Disability or other inability to provide care:If accident, illness or other change in circumstances inhibits a parent’s ability to care for the children, you’ll need to modify the agreement appropriately.
  • Changes in the child’s needs or preference: As children grow up, their needs change. They may also demonstrate a preference for living with one parent over the other, permanently or otherwise. If both parents agree this is in the best interest of the child, it can be resolved through mediation.

If you and your ex are good candidates for mediation, you can resolve changes of circumstances with the help of a neutral third party. For more information, reach out to the knowledgeable Long Island divorce meditators at Solutions Divorce Mediation today.

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