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How to Stay Calm During Mediation

Even amicable divorces can get emotional. Divorce is a big change emotionally, mentally and financially, and dividing up the products of your time together can be tough. If you’re dealing with high emotions or a negative partner, it can lead to mediation taking longer than normal. Staying calm during mediation might be tough at times,… Read More »

Make Sure You Do Your Homework Before Divorce Mediation

Have you and your spouse made the decision to go forward with mediation for your divorce? That’s a great first step—but now you need to start getting prepared. Your mediator exists to serve as a neutral third party. They can help guide your conversations and steer you in the right direction, but they can’t make… Read More »

What to Ask Your Potential Divorce Mediator

If you want a successful mediation, start with the mediator. You are more likely to settle if you choose someone with experience and effective communication skills. Here are some important questions to ask your potential mediator to assess whether they will work for you. What is your background? Many mediators are current or former family… Read More »

How to Determine if Divorce Mediation Will Actually Work for You

Divorce mediation is finding favor with an increasing number of divorcing couples for its more laidback nature (and for the significantly lower expenses associated with it). But will it work for you and your spouse? Mediation can work in both high- and low-conflict relationships, so long as the following statements are true: You both agreed… Read More »

What Happens If My Spouse Won’t Agree to Divorce Mediation?

We’re often asked if divorce mediation can proceed when one spouse has not bought into the process. Mediation is designed to be a cooperative venture. If one spouse is open and engaged, but the other sits tight-lipped with arms crossed, that’s not mediation. Nor is it mediation if only one spouse shows up for the… Read More »