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Stages of Grief During a Divorce

Although divorce is more socially accepted and common than ever, few people recognize it as a loss compared to death or serious illness. After all, they’re still alive. On the contrary, people going through divorce do experience it as a major loss, and typically go through all the stages of grief. Grieving the end of… Read More »

Confidentiality and Divorce Mediation

Divorcing couples who are willing to compromise can choose mediation, which allows them to avoid fighting their battles in court. There’s another benefit to mediation, however: even if you have to resort to litigation, mediation is not a matter of public record. If you value privacy, and think your spouse is open to compromise, mediation… Read More »

Why Seniors Are Seeking Divorces

Ideally, marriage is a lifetime commitment—and once you’ve been married to your spouse for multiple decades, it often comes as a shock when one partner wants a divorce. Senior or “gray” divorce has been on the rise in recent years. Here’s why more seniors are seeking divorce: Cultural norms have shifted:Decades ago, divorce was seen… Read More »

What is Court-Ordered Mediation?

Within the last few years, New York state has created a “presumptive mediation” initiative. This means that in many cases, people who file for divorce are referred for mediation after filing the initial petition. What does this mean for your case? New York and presumptive mediation Mediation rules vary from county to county, but generally… Read More »

How to Handle Social Media During Divorce Mediation

If you’re used to sharing personal details of your life on social media, you might be tempted to publicly work through your feelings during the divorce process. After all, it’s a major life event that many other people have experienced. Unfortunately, this can cause problems. Here are tips to handle social media during the mediation… Read More »

How Divorce Can Affect Your Credit Score

Divorce is often difficult and emotional, and many people don’t understand how it can affect their credit score. From neglecting your financial health to different utilization ratios, there are some key issues to watch out for. This is especially important if you suspect your ex may be impulsive or vindictive. Here are some potential issues… Read More »

How to Stay Calm During Mediation

Even amicable divorces can get emotional. Divorce is a big change emotionally, mentally and financially, and dividing up the products of your time together can be tough. If you’re dealing with high emotions or a negative partner, it can lead to mediation taking longer than normal. Staying calm during mediation might be tough at times,… Read More »

Signs Divorce Mediation Isn’t Right for You

Divorce mediation is often an excellent solution to lengthy, expensive negotiations and court appearances. Unfortunately, mediation isn’t the right choice for every divorcing couple. If you’re unable to compromise, or if one party lets their emotions get the best of them, you’re unlikely to reach a solution—even with the help of a trained mediator. Here are… Read More »

What Happens to the Family Business During Divorce?

Sometimes the prospect of dividing up assets deters people from seeking a divorce. When you own a family business, property division can quickly become complex. Businesses generate income for the family, but they’re also treated as property during a divorce. Here are three major options to divide a business: Co-ownership:If your divorce is amicable and… Read More »

Challenges Faced By High-Conflict Couples in Mediation

Just because two spouses do not get along does not mean they cannot find success in divorce mediation. However, it is certainly true that high-conflict couples do face more barriers to mediation success, and thus spouses in these high-conflict relationships should be aware of those barriers before opting for mediation as their form of dispute… Read More »