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How Does Infidelity Affect the Divorce Mediation Process?

If your marriage is ending due to infidelity, it can add a significant emotional burden to the divorce process. Most spouses want to know whether they can hold the infidelity against the cheating partner, to get a better divorce settlement. How does New York treat infidelity? Although New York does recognize adultery as grounds for… Read More »

Financial Impact of Divorce on Women

Divorce is a tough process, even in the friendliest of circumstances. Unfortunately, the financial risk to women is often greater than the risk to men. Whether you’re a woman considering divorce or you’d like to learn about ways to mitigate financial damage, read on: this article can help you prepare for potential issues. Earning potential:… Read More »

Negotiating Spousal Support During Mediation

Mediation helps ensure that you won’t need to leave important determinations—from child custody to spousal support—up to a judge. If you and your spouse can come to an agreement during mediation, judges almost always approve your settlement. If one spouse has more financial assets than the other, such as a working partner versus a homemaker… Read More »