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Cohabiting Considerations: Why Unmarried Couples Should Use Mediation When Splitting Up

When married couples realize their relationship won’t work, they use divorce to end their marriages and move forward with their lives. But what about couples who were never married? If you and your partner have been living together for years but never formally tied the knot, it can be hard to tell what your rights… Read More »

Moving On from Mediation: What to Do If You Don’t Reach a Settlement

From lower costs to quicker results to improved odds of finding a viable agreement, there’s no shortage of benefits to using mediation when you’re getting a divorce. But even with all these benefits, not all couples resolve their issues in mediation. It’s important to be aware of your other options, so if you and your… Read More »

Solutions for Separation: Why You Should Consider Divorce Mediation

When facing a divorce, you need to look out for your interests and make sure you aren’t leaving anything on the table. But your interests and those of your spouse may be more compatible than you think. Through divorce mediation, you two can negotiate an agreement that suits you both, reducing the risk of conflict down… Read More »

Trump Tax Reform to Change Divorce Rules Starting in 2019

If you think you’re headed for divorce, filing your petition after December 31, 2018 could cost you thousands of dollars more each year than if you had filed this year. That’s because a provision in the Trump tax plan passed earlier this year reverses the way the federal government taxes alimony. But, even if you’re… Read More »

Research Shows Parental Conflict, Not Divorce, Is What Harms Kids

Conventional wisdom has long suggested that divorce is bad for kids and that kids whose parents get divorced are more likely to get divorced themselves. But a recent study in Marriage & Family Review, as reported in Business Insider, suggests that parental conflict is what’s hard on the kids and that divorce can actually be… Read More »

Dividing Interests in a Medical Practice Through Divorce Mediation

When couples divorce, they must go through the process of equitable distribution for their marital property, dividing their assets and debt in a manner that is fair, but not necessarily equal. They must also settle the issue of whether one spouse should pay support to the other and in what amount. These issues are fairly… Read More »

Mediating Divorce from a Spendthrift Spouse

Perhaps the top issue that married couples fight about is money. Different people simply have different views on finances: some are disciplined savers, and others are free spenders. Financial incompatibility is a common reason for divorce. When one spouse works long hours to earn, while the other depletes the checking account and runs up credit… Read More »

Divorce Mediation Challenge: Cool Dad v. Strict Mom

One of the greatest challenges to mediating a child custody solution is a stark difference in parenting styles. One classic combination, where opposites tend to repulse instead of attract, is the Cool Dad versus the Strict Mom. Strict Mom starts getting the kids ready for bed at the stroke of 7:00, so they are completely… Read More »

Will Ex-Mayor Giuliani’s Contested Divorce Divide $60 Million Estate?

When Rudolph Giuliani was completing his third term as mayor of New York City in 2001, estimates placed his net worth at about $2 million. Today, those estimates have soared, ranging from $45 million on the low end to $60 million at the top of the scale. But with the news that his wife of… Read More »

What Documents Should I Prepare for My Divorce Mediation?

When you’re getting divorced, you have two major considerations: your parental rights and your property rights. To protect your property rights, you need to have specific knowledge of your family finances. That requires documentation of both parties’ incomes as well as a full accounting of all your assets and your obligations. If any assets or… Read More »