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Mediating Divorce from a Spendthrift Spouse

Perhaps the top issue that married couples fight about is money. Different people simply have different views on finances: some are disciplined savers, and others are free spenders. Financial incompatibility is a common reason for divorce. When one spouse works long hours to earn, while the other depletes the checking account and runs up credit… Read More »

Divorce Mediation Challenge: Cool Dad v. Strict Mom

One of the greatest challenges to mediating a child custody solution is a stark difference in parenting styles. One classic combination, where opposites tend to repulse instead of attract, is the Cool Dad versus the Strict Mom. Strict Mom starts getting the kids ready for bed at the stroke of 7:00, so they are completely… Read More »

Will Ex-Mayor Giuliani’s Contested Divorce Divide $60 Million Estate?

When Rudolph Giuliani was completing his third term as mayor of New York City in 2001, estimates placed his net worth at about $2 million. Today, those estimates have soared, ranging from $45 million on the low end to $60 million at the top of the scale. But with the news that his wife of… Read More »

What Documents Should I Prepare for My Divorce Mediation?

When you’re getting divorced, you have two major considerations: your parental rights and your property rights. To protect your property rights, you need to have specific knowledge of your family finances. That requires documentation of both parties’ incomes as well as a full accounting of all your assets and your obligations. If any assets or… Read More »

How Should I Prepare for a Child Custody Mediation Session?

Most child custody disputes arise during a divorce, but unmarried parents can also use mediation to settle custody issues, and parents who are already divorced can use mediation to adjust aspects of their parenting plan that aren’t working. But whatever circumstances you find yourself in, there are positive steps you can take to prepare yourself… Read More »

Should I Choose Divorce Mediation for My Children’s Sake?

There are many good reasons to mediate a divorce, not the least of which is how mediation can benefit your children. When a divorce goes to trial, conflicts escalate. There’s additional pressure on the parties, and that pressure trickles down to their children. Additionally, when the issue of child custody goes to court, a judge… Read More »

What Are the Three Different Approaches to Divorce Mediation?

Parties who are considering mediation to resolve a family law issue often have different expectations about the process. This is because, within the world of people who practice mediation, there are different approaches with different emphases. Basically there are three schools of thought when it comes to mediation: Facilitative — In this type of mediation,… Read More »

What Are the Advantages of Divorce Mediation for High-Net-Worth Couples?

If you and your spouse have a high-net-worth marital estate, and you are planning to divorce, you might be tempted to litigate your divorce aggressively to ensure you walk away with the lion’s share of your assets. However, that strategy has several disadvantages, such as: Publicity — There is nothing the tabloids love better than… Read More »

How Do I Get What I Want in Divorce Mediation?

In divorce mediation, the first rule to getting what you want is to understand that no one gets everything they want. Once you acknowledge that, you can more readily implement strategies that can help you get most of what you want. You probably already understand basic principles of negotiation from work or private life that… Read More »

Can Divorce Force You to Put Off Retirement?

If you are over 50 and considering divorce, you need to know how a divorce could affect your retirement. That’s why it’s so important to work with an attorney who understands how to avoid common pitfalls. Studies have shown that divorced persons tend to have less money saved for retirement than married persons, and that… Read More »