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Are Gravity Problems Impeding Your Divorce Solution?

In divorce mediation, as in life, there are certain problems you can fix and others that you have to live with. Confusing the two can make it difficult to achieve a successful resolution. Your ability to identify which problems you can solve and which you can’t makes all the difference in your divorce mediation. Confusing… Read More »

Who Gets the Frozen Embryo After Divorce?

If you’ve decided to get a divorce, you know you’ve got to settle some pressing issues, like how to divide your property and who will have responsibility for your kids. But what about “property” that could turn into kids? That’s what’s at stake when you have frozen embryos from your marriage stored for your later… Read More »

Should You Wait to Get Divorced Until the Children Are Older?

Today, the idea of staying married for the sake of the children seems antiquated. The notion that divorce is in itself damaging to children has largely been debunked, and the prevailing professional opinion seems to favor children being raised by happy parents, whether those parents remain married or not. But is there a case to… Read More »

How Your Psychological Profile Determines the Best Way to Divorce

In a recent blog on Psychology Today online, the author talks about how a couple’s psychological profile can determine the best divorce process for them. The blog discusses how matching a couple’s personalities, beliefs, and goals to a certain type of divorce offers the greatest benefit. Collaborative divorce — This process allows spouses, their attorneys… Read More »

Separation Solutions: Six Signs Divorce Mediation Is Right for You

So you’ve decided it’s time to end your marriage, but what’s the best way to go about that? You might assume that the next step is to file for divorce and settle your differences in court. But it’s important to realize there are other ways to end your marriage, and going to court may not… Read More »

The Business Side of Breakups: Protecting Your Assets Through Divorce Mediation

When getting a divorce, it’s important to remember the financial stakes. You and your spouse likely own a number of valuable assets together and will have to carefully come up with a plan to split them in a way that is fair to both of you. This is especially true if you own real estate… Read More »

When Mediation Won’t Suffice: Six Scenarios Where You Can’t Negotiate a Divorce

Mediation is the best option to end a marriage. By helping you and your spouse negotiate a settlement, mediators not only save you from the high cost and even higher stress of divorce court, but also increase the odds that you’ll both be happy with how you left things. But as beneficial as mediation is,… Read More »

Cohabiting Considerations: Why Unmarried Couples Should Use Mediation When Splitting Up

When married couples realize their relationship won’t work, they use divorce to end their marriages and move forward with their lives. But what about couples who were never married? If you and your partner have been living together for years but never formally tied the knot, it can be hard to tell what your rights… Read More »

Moving On from Mediation: What to Do If You Don’t Reach a Settlement

From lower costs to quicker results to improved odds of finding a viable agreement, there’s no shortage of benefits to using mediation when you’re getting a divorce. But even with all these benefits, not all couples resolve their issues in mediation. It’s important to be aware of your other options, so if you and your… Read More »

Solutions for Separation: Why You Should Consider Divorce Mediation

When facing a divorce, you need to look out for your interests and make sure you aren’t leaving anything on the table. But your interests and those of your spouse may be more compatible than you think. Through divorce mediation, you two can negotiate an agreement that suits you both, reducing the risk of conflict down… Read More »