A Basic Checklist for Successful Divorce Mediation

A Basic Checklist for Successful Divorce Mediation

Thorough preparation increases the odds of your success with divorce mediation. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a brief list of everything you’ll need to arrange or consider if you are to succeed with mediation.

Take a look at this checklist!

  • Find a divorce mediator who is experienced, respected and certified.
  • Determine how much your divorce mediator will charge for their services.
  • Approach divorce mediation with an open-minded nature and be willing to compromise.
  • Prepare for the fact that you and your spouse will both have different emotions and priorities.
  • Write down your own list of goals and priorities to give yourself some guidance in all ensuing negotiations and discussions.
  • Attempt to work out some of the issues of your divorce with your spouse before you even get to your mediation session.
  • Gather and organize all financial information that you may need as part of your mediation sessions.
  • Obtain an assessment of your home value and the value of any other high-price assets you might own.
  • Determine if you wish to keep your home after your divorce.
  • Determine the schedule you wish to follow for your mediation sessions.
  • Work with your spouse to determine issues of immediate priority, including who will live in the home during the divorce process and who will be in charge of which expenses.
  • Seek independent legal counsel so you have advice and an advocate during the mediation process.
  • Do your best to keep your frustration or other emotions to yourself throughout the process so they do not damage your mediation.

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