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Three Things that Mediation Is Not…Plus a Couple More

In a recent article on, Justin Kelsey, a mediator certified by the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation, tries to dispel some misconceptions about mediation by explaining what mediation does not do. Mr. Kelsey does a good job describing why: Mediation is not arbitration — When two individuals are locked in a conflict, there’s a… Read More »

Five Factors to Weigh When Deciding to Try Divorce Mediation

Divorce can be costly, time-consuming and stressful. Fortunately, there are alternatives to adversarial litigation that can reduce your expenses and speed up the process. At Solutions Divorce Mediation, Inc., our professional family law mediators provide focused mediation services that deliver consistently excellent results. However, even the best mediators are going to have a tough time… Read More »

Can New Yorkers Really Serve Divorce Papers Through Facebook?

Can you adjust your status to “single” by serving divorce papers to your spouse’s Facebook account? Traditionalists might think it’s absurd to use social media to deliver court documents, but technology is rapidly changing the world, and standards for service of process are changing as well. Under perfect circumstances, personal service — actually handing a… Read More »

When Can a Parent Cry “Uncle” on Child Support?

In the neighborhoods of old New York, boys who were bested in a wrestling match were often forced to cry “Uncle!” before the victor would let them up. It was a point of pride to give everything you had before uttering the dreaded term, which amounted to an admission of defeat and a plea for… Read More »

Videotaping a Confrontational Ex at Pickup and Drop-off Times

If you dread picking up or dropping off your kids because your ex constantly gives you a hard time, videotaping the exchanges can prompt your ex to act more civilly or give you the evidence you need to get a contempt ruling in family court. You are within your rights to videotape activity in public…. Read More »

The Perils of Joint Tax Returns for Divorcing Couples

Many married couples file joint tax returns because they offer particular advantages, such as lowering the high-earner’s tax bracket, getting a higher income ceiling for Roth IRA contributions, and access to various tax credits and deductions. However, once you decide you’re going to divorce, there are significant issues you must consider before agreeing to file… Read More »

What Happens When a Couple Can’t Afford a Law Guardian?

If you are engaged in a contentious child custody dispute, the judge may appoint a separate attorney to represent your children. This advocate used to be called a law guardian but today is known as the attorney for the child. Their job is to present your children’s preferences to the court, or, if they feel… Read More »

Do “Presumptive” Attorney Fees in a New York Divorce Shortchange the Client?

New York Domestic Relations Law has long had a provision allowing the court to compel a moneyed spouse in a divorce to pay the attorney fees of the non-moneyed spouse. This enlightened bit of legislation was meant to level the playing field between litigants who often consisted of a salaried husband and a non-salaried stay-at-home… Read More »

Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Prolong a Failing Marriage

Even when someone recognizes their marriage is failing, they may feel pressured to keep the union intact for one reason or another. This attempt to salvage a marriage at all costs almost always worsens the situation and can even be dangerous to your physical or financial health. If your marriage is no longer working, there… Read More »

Does Internet Pornography Addiction Lead to Divorce?

Pornography has never been as widely available, easy to access and easy to consume in absolute privacy as it is today, over the internet. These circumstances have led to a growing problem of internet pornography addiction, which experts say can have negative consequences. Before we can answer whether internet pornography addiction leads to divorce, it… Read More »