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Tips for Successful Online Divorce Mediation

Online divorce mediation became popular during COVID-19, but the convenience and ease of online mediation is here to stay. Thanks to high-speed internet and videoconferencing software, it’s easier than ever to fit a mediation appointment into your busy life. Here are some tips to help you successfully choose an online divorce mediator, and how to… Read More »

Online Mediation Can Result in Calmer, More Engaged Participants

The closures of courts across the nation in 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in virtual hearings and meetings, including mediation sessions. While many mediators and attorneys worried the virtual setting could hamper participation, it actually became apparent that online mediation could increase engagement and reduce the potential for… Read More »

What to Know About Online Divorce Mediation

The COVID-19 pandemic required courts and attorneys to get creative with how they would handle cases. In the world of divorce law, this meant a heavy reliance on online mediation sessions. Though there is now a light at the end of the tunnel with the pandemic, it is expected that online mediation will continue to… Read More »

Common Questions About Family Law Mediation During COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic drags on, our Long Island community continues to show its resilience and adaptability in dealing with varied and complex situations. Family conflict is one problem that always needs solving and mediation is a proven solution. However, at a time of social distancing, mediation must be administered in creative, innovative ways. Understandably,… Read More »

Pandemic Delays Make Non-Litigation Divorces More Appealing

Even though courts have begun to reopen in some areas throughout the United States, the backlog that built up through the pandemic will take many months to clear. Judges and court administrators will face a type of triage as they determine which cases should be prioritized as operations slowly return to normal. Matters that might… Read More »

Divorce Mediation Spike Might Continue When Pandemic Ends

Government-imposed lockdowns, court closures and other effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have triggered an increase in the use of divorce mediation throughout the United States. Whether conducted online or in a controlled setting with just the necessary people present, mediation has allowed spouses to reach settlements that can be incorporated into a marriage dissolution order…. Read More »

Coronavirus Delays Family Court Hearings, Impacting Many Litigants

As the coronavirus pandemic brought many aspects of normal life screeching to a halt in 2020, many courthouses were shuttered to all but the most pressing criminal and civil matters. Hearings and trials not considered critical have been pushed back and some family courts have refused to allow the filing of new non-essential or non-emergency… Read More »

Coronavirus Pandemic Makes Breaking Up Harder to Do

Ending a relationship is rarely easy, but the challenges imposed by the coronavirus pandemic are making it even harder for couples to separate, according to some observers. While partners whose relationships already showed strains may see tensions increase and new issues arise, stay at home orders and travel restrictions might keep people stuck in place… Read More »

Making the Best of Virtual Mediation During the COVID-19 Crisis

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, when courts are closed and economic fears abound, using mediation might be the best option for many couples to resolve disagreements over divorce and parenting terms. While social distancing guidelines warn against groups of people gathering in small places, technology gives parties, their lawyers and third-party mediators the… Read More »

Coronavirus Co-parenting Leads to Influx of Calls to Attorneys

The coronavirus and the measures taken to stop its transmission have disrupted lives throughout the United States. People who are co-parenting after a divorce or the breakup of a non-marital relationship are experiencing particular difficulties as travel is limited and custody and visitation schedules are disrupted. Family law attorneys have faced a deluge of inquiries… Read More »