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Factors That Lead to Success in Divorce Mediation

What are the keys to success in divorce mediation? Here are some of the must-have ingredients. Participation from both parties: Mediation cannot succeed if the spouses do not participate in the decision making process. Both must be willing to commit to good-faith efforts and negotiations to get through the process. Organization and preparation: Both parties… Read More »

Consider Your Emotional State Before Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a great solution to keep your divorce issues out of court. However, it’s also not for everyone. Before you decide to move forward with mediation, you should consider whether you are in the proper emotional state for it to be truly effective for your case. Specifically consider whether you are capable of… Read More »

Tips for Divorce Mediation With High Conflict Personalities

If you have a spouse who tends to thrive on conflict and create conflict whenever possible, you might be wondering whether mediation is even an option for your divorce. The good news is that a skilled mediator can work through some conflict, so long as it doesn’t get out of control. Here are a few… Read More »

Questions to Ask Yourself About Children and Divorce

It’s understandable to get caught up in your own needs and goals as you go through the process of divorce mediation with your spouse. But it is critical that you and your spouse also keep your children in mind throughout the process, as they will also be greatly affected by all of the decisions you… Read More »

Think About How You Make Decisions to Be More Effective at Mediation

One of the biggest benefits of divorce mediation is that it leaves a lot of the decision making up to you (and your spouse) rather than putting it in the hands of a judge or arbitrator. Of course, if you have a hard time making important decisions, this could also be another source of stress…. Read More »

Questions That Can Help You Build Perspective When Preparing for Mediation

While you are likely to be preoccupied with present circumstances during your divorce, it is critical that you keep an eye on the future throughout all of your preparations and negotiations. After all, while the divorce process might feel like it stretches on endlessly, it is actually only a small blip in the rest of… Read More »

What Do You Want Out of Your Divorce Mediation?

As you and your spouse prepare to head into your divorce mediation process, it is important for you to spend some time getting mentally prepared for what’s to come. This should include taking some time to set some goals and define for yourself what it is you want to get out of the process. Here… Read More »

What to Do When You Receive Divorce Papers

The moment you receive divorce papers can be a gut punch, even if you knew it was coming. It’s important to take immediate action after receiving those papers to protect your rights and secure your future. Here’s a quick look at some of the steps you should take when you receive divorce papers. Read the… Read More »

Get Independent Legal Help Before Your Mediation

Mediation is an effective divorce method for people who want to maintain their privacy and exercise control over the outcome of their divorce. However, there are some limitations, including the fact that the mediator is a neutral third party who will not (and cannot) advocate for you in your sessions or privately advise you on… Read More »

Compromise and Concession are Necessary for Successful Mediation

One of the most difficult parts of the divorce process for people to come to terms with is the fact that they will have to compromise and make concessions at some point in the negotiations. It is extremely rare that a person gets everything they want in a divorce agreement. Therefore, it is critical for… Read More »