Characteristics of a Suitable Divorce Mediator

Characteristics of a Suitable Divorce Mediator

If you’re investigating the possibility of mediation for your divorce, you’ll need to find a mediator who can take on your case. But how do you know if you’ve found the right mediator for the job?

Most of the time, your attorney will have several mediators to whom they can refer you, but you should discuss possible mediator choices with your attorney before going with one. Here are a few of the characteristics you should seek out in your search.

  • Training: Make sure they’re actually trained in mediation. Basic training for divorce mediation is a course that usually takes around 40-hours, but you should consider their background and education that adds to that training.
  • Experience: Ideally you’ll work with someone who has worked with divorcing couples before and understands and appreciates the nuances of every relationship and case they deal with.
  • Financial knowledge: Mediators need to know how to work with people, but they also need to have a certain financial acumen. They’re going to be facilitating discussions dealing with complex asset portfolios, so it’s important they have a grasp on at least the basics of some of the financial considerations of your divorce.
  • Resolutions: Ask about the mediator’s case resolution rate. The higher the rate, the more successful they are at getting people to agree on the major issues of a divorce. You should look for mediators with at least a 90 percent resolution rate.
  • Approaches: What is the general philosophy the mediator has? What are some of the types of approaches or methods they use in facilitating discussions? The personality and approach of the mediator both can be key factors in determining how well you’ll mesh with them and how successful they’ll be at leading your discussions with your spouse.

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