Common Issues During Divorce Mediation

Although divorce mediation is typically easier and more cost effective than going to court, it can still come with its share of frustrations. Here are four common issues that come up during divorce mediation, and how to handle the stress.

Your spouse is inflexible

Generally, divorce mediation should be a more collaborative process than going to court. Sometimes one spouse still decides to stall or obstruct the process. When that happens, remain calm—even if you’d like to throw a tantrum, too. If your spouse refuses to come to an agreement, you may want to seek the advice of a family law attorney to discuss your options.

The process can be slow

Once you’ve decided to file for divorce, most people want to get it over with as soon as possible. If you find yourself chafing at the time it takes, it’s time to find a new focus. New hobbies, classes or volunteering activities can take the pressure off waiting for your divorce to be resolved.

You’re not sure what’s going on

Not knowing the status of your case can be very frustrating for clients. First, choose a divorce mediator who is communicative and makes you feel comfortable asking questions. Be sure to ask your divorce mediator for an overall plan and estimated timeline at the beginning. This will ensure that you have an idea of what’s happening at any given time.

Living under the same roof

Once you’ve accepted that your relationship is over, you’d probably like to avoid living with your spouse—but that’s not always possible, depending on your financial situation. Try to keep your lives and possessions as separate as possible during this time, and keep your expectations realistic. Eventually, you’ll be able to fully separate and live apart.

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