Completing Your Agreement When You End Mediation

Completing Your Agreement When You End Mediation

Once you have settled all of the issues of your divorce in the mediation process, the next step is to complete the final agreement paperwork that outlines all the decisions you made. This is what makes your divorce (and those decisions) “official.”

It is important to be extremely through when completing your agreement so you accurately and fully represent all the decisions you made and so you do not leave anything out.

Here’s a quick overview of what you should know about completing this agreement.

  • Your mediator will write the agreement based on the decisions you’ve made. This agreement will only include topics discussed during mediation; if you could not resolve all of the issues of your divorce, you will need to either go to court or find another way in which you can agree on those unresolved issues.
  • Depending on the circumstances of your divorce, your mediator may also draft your parenting plan or parenting schedule.
  • Your mediator may or may not help you file your paperwork with the court to make the divorce official. You should discuss this with your mediator at the outset of your relationship so you have a good sense of the scope of services they offer.
  • Once the court has approved your settlement agreement, it will be included with your divorce decree, meaning it can be enforced by the divorce court just like any other court order.

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