Divorce Mediation is Better for Children of All Ages

Divorce Mediation is Better for Children of All Ages

One of the biggest benefits of divorce mediation is that it is much less tense and confrontational. This means there is less of a likelihood that children will be significantly impacted by the high-stress nature of courtroom litigation.

Mediation also allows parents to maintain control over all decisions related to their children. You almost certainly know your children better than a judge and what is best for them, so the value of this benefit cannot be understated.

Planning your own child custody and support issues allows you to take these issues into account:

  • Infant needs: Children from birth to two years are forming strong attachment bonds and have unique patterns around feeding and sleep. In mediation, you can create arrangements that will minimize disruption and allow the children to form bonds with both parents.
  • Early childhood: At this stage the children have an increased ability to understand the divorce but still do not have a real clear sense of long-term impact. They might think they are at fault or that their parents will get back together. Regression is common at this stage, and through mediation you can negotiate arrangements that will navigate those potential issues.
  • Middle childhood: Children ages six to 12 might experience loyalty conflicts due to their strong identification with their family. They are also beginning to have new demands in their lives, including friends, academics and extracurricular activities. Parents in mediation can create arrangements custom-tailored to to their families that ensure children do not miss out on crucial formative activities and experiences.
  • Teenagers: Teenagers develop a strong sense of individuality, and divorce could result in them attempting to pull away prematurely. Mediation helps parents practice communication techniques that will be crucial for coparenting of teenagers.

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