Financial Documents to Gather Before Mediation

Financial Documents to Gather Before Mediation

When you’re getting divorced, one of the main issues to determine is how your property will be split. In order for your mediator to evaluate your financial situation, you will need to bring certain documentation to your sessions.

This list will help you gather the information you need for an easier, faster divorce resolution:

  • Annuities: Bring the information describing the contribution schedule, payout schedule and surrender value.
  • Bank accounts: Bring the most recent bank statement, date opened and type of account.
  • Brokerage accounts: You’ll need the most recent statement, end-of-year statement and information to determine the basis.
  • Business interests: Collect the articles of incorporation/partnership agreement, balance and profit/loss sheets, tax returns and shareholders’ agreement.
  • College tuition plans: Bring documentation showing owner, beneficiary and most recent statement.
  • Credit cards: Collect your most recent statement and what the debt is related to.
  • Life insurance: Bring the policies, statement of benefits and most recent statement.
  • Pay stubs: Bring the last two to three months’ worth of pay stubs from work.
  • Pre- or post-nuptial agreements: If you came to an agreement, bring these along.
  • Real estate documentation: Bring the deed, tax assessments, tax bills, mortgage documentation, appraisals and insurance policies for each property you own.
  • Retirement, IRAs and pensions: Collect the most recent statements, plan description and year-end statements.
  • Social Security statements: These can be obtained online.
  • Stocks: You’ll need the number of options, vesting schedule, current valuation information and tax treatment information.
  • Tax returns: Bring state and federal returns for the past three years.
  • Trust documents: Bring all trust documentation for property you hold.
  • Vehicle documentation: Bring the title, date of purchase, promissory note, recent statements, Kelly Blue Book valuation, NADA valuation and insurance documentation.

Depending on your circumstances, you may need additional documentation. However, this list will help you get a head start.

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