Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce Mediation

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce Mediation

Interested in learning more about what to expect from divorce mediation? Here’s a quick collection of answers to some frequently asked questions about mediation you may find helpful.

Q: Why is it beneficial to have a lawyer in a mediation case?

In mediation, you are not required to come with an attorney, but it can be helpful to have one representing you, even if both of you are focused on getting a settlement done. Mediators are great for helping you use communication strategies to solve problems, but they’re not going to advocate for any particular solution. An attorney can help you anticipate potential outcomes and advocate for your interests in mediation.

Q: Why should I chose mediation?

Mediation is a great method to reduce the tension that naturally exists in a divorce, because it is not adversarial and it allows you greater control over the outcomes in your case. Because both of you have a say in the decisions you will make, it will help to reduce anger at the outcome, and will lead to an increase in voluntary adherence to arrangements like child custody and child support. Plus, it is faster and less expensive than litigation.

Q: What are the steps in a mediation?

Typically at the first session the mediator will cover the mediation process in great detail. Each party will have an opportunity to discuss their concerns and priorities. After this, you will disclose all financial data necessary ,and can then begin the negotiation and decision making process.

Q: How many sessions will I have and how long are they?

Mediation sessions are usually a couple hours long, though they can go longer. You will likely schedule multiple sessions spaced a week or two apart. The purpose of this is to allow you to build up some good momentum in making decisions, and then have a break, as the process can be emotionally exhausting.

The number of sessions depends on the issues you have at stake and how each party approaches mediation.

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