Get Your Mediation Agreements in Writing

Get Your Mediation Agreements in Writing

You will eventually get to a point in your mediation where you and your spouse agree on the issues of your divorce. In fact, you might even agree on some of the smaller issues in your very first session.

Whenever you and your spouse reach an agreement, whether it be in mediation or in private negotiations, it is critical that you get that agreement in writing, and that you both sign the agreement. This will allow you to bring the signed agreement to the court to make it legally enforceable. When done in the presence of your mediator, you also have a witness that you both agreed to the issues as laid out in your agreement.

The higher the stakes with the issue, the more crucial it becomes to get the agreement in writing immediately.

Take, for example, child custody and visitation:

  • Parents who do not get parenting plans in writing could find the other parent attempting to meddle with the arrangements despite you having reached an agreement.
  • Without an agreement in writing, you could be blindsided down the road when the court ultimately provides you with a different schedule than you had negotiated.
  • Taking the time to clearly write down your parenting schedule and expectations will help you avoid potential issues and mistakes when it comes to each party’s parental duties.

Of course, issues like child custody and visitation should also have some flexibility built in with the understanding that things come up and quick changes may need to be made last minute in some circumstances.

An attorney can work with you to create or review written agreements that stem from your mediation sessions. For more information, contact an experienced Long Island divorce lawyer at Solutions Divorce Mediation.

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