How Mediation Can Make Your Divorce Less Stressful

How Mediation Can Make Your Divorce Less Stressful

For most people, the word divorce brings thoughts of heated court battles, expensive litigation and outcomes that leave everyone unsatisfied. While the end of a marriage will always come with its share of stress, there are effective ways of reducing the tension while reaching positive solutions. Mediation is one of those ways.

One reason why many couples find mediation less stressful is that lawyers don’t play adversarial roles in the process. Instead, the couple attends informal meetings that are led by an impartial mediator in a private setting. The mediator is often an attorney, but he or she doesn’t represent either party. Rather, the job of the mediator is to help the couple find ways to communicate effectively and negotiate mutually acceptable resolutions of their issues.

Some of the biggest stress relievers offered by mediation include:

  • Reduced costs — A mediator’s hourly rate is typically lower than a divorce attorney’s. Additionally, because the spouses can communicate without adversity, the process is usually more efficient than litigation, leading to lower costs.
  • More control over how long it takes — The more you and your spouse can cooperate and communicate, the quicker the process. You control the schedule, unlike a litigated divorce where you have to deal with a backed-up court system and lawyers’ time conflicts.
  • Access to a team — In mediation, you can get help from financial advisors, therapists, divorce coaches and other experts whose skills can make the process much smoother and more beneficial.
  • Reduced conflict — Mediators are trained to reduce conflict. And by providing a safe, private forum for discussion, mediation allows divorcing couples to talk out their differences, not fight them out.
  • Children’s interests are at the forefront — Mediation allows parents to end their marriage with as little trauma to the children as possible, by encouraging creation of fair and workable parenting plans.

These are only a handful of the reasons why so many couples have a positive, stress-reducing experience with divorce mediation. We encourage you to read about additional mediation benefits.

Solutions Divorce Mediation, Inc. helps spouses in Suffolk and Nassau counties end their marriages respectfully and with eyes toward a brighter future. We offer appointments seven days a week, including evenings. If you would like to discuss your situation with an experienced Long Island divorce mediator, you can do so by calling 1.631.683.8172 or contact us online.

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