How to Find a Mediator for Your Divorce

How to Find a Mediator for Your Divorce

Mediation is a very focused niche within divorce law. So how do you go about finding a mediator who will be able to take on your case?

If you’re working with an attorney (which we highly recommend), they will be able to refer you to mediators in your area. But if you’re representing yourself, you’re going to be on your own in the search.

Here are a few of the ways you can find a mediator if you’re in charge of the search yourself:

  • Ask people you trust: Get recommendations from trusted family or friends who have gone through mediation themselves. You could also reach out to various professionals, including attorneys, financial advisors or therapists who might regularly work with mediators in your area.
  • Search the internet: You can find mediator referrals directly from websites with directories, like or You can also perform a simple basic web search and find local listings for your area.
  • Contact the bar association: The state or local bar association may be able to refer you to mediators in your area.
  • National organizations: There are a variety of national family law and mediation organizations that may be able to help you in your search. Websites to check here include, and

But again, if you work with an attorney, you won’t have to handle the search yourself. Your attorney will already have a good working relationship with mediators in the area they can recommend to you.

For more information about searching for a mediator and beginning the mediation process, contact an experienced Long Island divorce lawyer at Solutions Divorce Mediation.

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