How You Can Get Started With Divorce Mediation

How You Can Get Started With Divorce Mediation

Whether a judge orders you and your spouse to go through divorce mediation or you just decide that’s going to be the best path forward for your case, it’s important to understand where to get started and how to choose a mediator.

Here are a few of the sources you can browse for mediator referrals, as choosing a mediator is really the first step to getting through your divorce.

  • Referrals from trusted friends and family: Personal recommendations are an ideal way to find a high-quality, qualified mediator who you will work well with. Ask friends or family members you trust who they worked with in their divorce. You can also get recommendations from a divorce attorney or marriage counselor you’ve worked with in the past, as they will undoubtedly have connections to leverage.
  • State court administration office: The office that oversees state divorce and family cases will likely have a list of approved mediators that you can browse. You can either check the state judiciary’s website or call the office.
  • Local courthouse: You can also check with your local courthouse. Pay a visit to the court clerk and see if they have a list of mediators that take on private clients.
  • Bar associations: State and county bar associations will often have a list of qualified mediators they can pass on to people going through the divorce process.
  • National organizations: There are various national mediation and family law organizations that will have lists of mediators. Examples include the National Association of Community Mediation, the Academy of Professional Family Mediators and the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals.

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