If Mediation is Court-Sponsored, How are Costs Affected?

If Mediation is Court-Sponsored, How are Costs Affected?

In most places, if people have filed for divorce and can’t agree on parenting plans for their minor children, the court will order mediation for child custody.

When mediation is ordered and sponsored by the courts, you may be able to get it free, at a reduced rate or at a rate that slides based on your income level. Even if there is a charge, you may be able to request a waiver, as the court is requiring you go through the process.

Even in some areas in the country, you can request free or reduced-cost mediation that’s sponsored by the courts, so long as you’ve already filed for divorce.

In New York, for example, you can request referrals to court-based mediation programs that offer a free initial mediation session with reduced-rate follow-up sessions afterward.

Limitations and issues

Court-sponsored mediation usually will only be available for mediation that has been ordered by the court to handle custody and visitation issues. However, there are some courts around the country that sponsor mediation for other issues.

In New York, though, you are unlikely to get this court-sponsored mediation if you do not have to mediate issues regarding minor children. This means you should plan accordingly regarding how much you can expect to pay for mediation.

Your local court or your divorce attorney can provide you with additional information about court-sponsored mediation programs, whether you qualify and what sort of relief these programs can provide you.

For more information about court-sponsored mediation and the processes involved with mediating child custody issues, contact an experienced Long Island attorney at Solutions Divorce Mediation.

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