Important Statistics that Show the Value of Divorce Mediation

Important Statistics that Show the Value of Divorce Mediation

You’ve probably heard a variety of statistics about divorce over the years. Perhaps the most disputed statistic is that 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce. But there are plenty of other statistics that are not nearly as controversial that show how valuable divorce mediation can be for resolving divorce issues and helping couples avoid court.

Consider some of the following statistics:

  • Hourly: Average mediation costs are $300 an hour, compared to the $300 to $350 an hour for litigation. While this might not sound like a big difference, consider the amount of time likely to be spent on the case.
  • Time: Mediation will usually take three to six months to resolve, with occasional sessions throughout that time. Litigation may well take two years to resolve.
  • Total cost: Given the total time expected for these cases, you can expect a total of $2,000 to $8,000 for mediation (split 50/50) versus more than $20,000 per person for litigation. That difference is absolutely staggering and shows why many people do their best to make mediation work.
  • Child support: Consider also the child support agreements you’re likely to get in each divorce method. Mediation results in 80 percent voluntary compliance with child support arrangements, while litigation results in about 40 percent voluntary compliance. This difference is due to the fact that mediation involves people developing and agreeing to their own child support rules.

There are other issues to consider in your decision, such as the greater confidentiality offered by mediation and the general ability to control the outcomes for every issue associated with your divorce. But those statistics do the best job of illustrating why it’s so important you seek out mediation rather than litigation for your divorce.

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