Keep an Open Mind When Negotiating Divorce Agreements

Keep an Open Mind When Negotiating Divorce Agreements

When the negotiations get started in your mediation sessions, it is likely your mediator will want to first get started with simpler issues. The idea is you can address issues that are low stakes and don’t involve much complexity, so you can build some momentum and feel good about the mediation process.

Even with these simpler issues, what you will quickly notice is that the negotiation process may take some different routes before you get to an agreement. The path will likely not be linear—you’ll dart back and through different topics and brainstorm a number of options, all the time expressing your opinions about these options and listening to those of your spouse.

That’s not to say the process will be long or drawn out. But what it does mean is that to successfully navigate your divorce mediation sessions, you must listen and keep an open mind.

Listening to your spouse’s position

Listening to your spouse and understanding where they’re coming from does not mean you’re automatically going to agree with them or give into their demands. However, it does help you build empathy, which is critical for finding the best approach to resolving the issues you’re facing. And when you practice empathy, your spouse is more likely to do the same.

When empathy exists in mediation, communication will be much more effective.

Remain open-minded

As difficult as it can be to feel like you’re giving ground on an issue, it’s important to remain open to compromise. The more attached you become to a single solution, the less effective mediation and negotiations will be. Use the empathy you’ve been practicing and find solutions that factors in both of your interests.

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