Lawyers and Stats Suggest that February is Divorce Month

Lawyers and Stats Suggest that February is Divorce Month

For the first two weeks of February, stores and advertisements are consumed with Valentine’s Day. The time of year seems suited to marriage proposals and other romantic gestures, but some family law attorneys claim that the opposite is true — dubbing February “Divorce Month.”

For many years, divorce litigators have pointed to a significant hike in divorce filings that seems to start around February 15. Now, there are statistics to back them up. A review of filings in three large states — New York, Illinois and California — shows an 18 percent increase in marriage dissolution actions in February over the average month. Moreover, identified a 40 percent increase in people seeking legal advice and information about divorce in the post-Valentine’s Day period.

Multiple causes may underlie this upward trend in late February, such as:

  • Reflection and resolutions — The new year is a time for both reflection and looking forward. Reasons for deciding to end a marriage usually build up over time. The same spirit that motivates people to make other new year’s resolutions might lead unhappy spouses to act on their feelings once the holidays have passed.
  • Open courts and offices — As in other fields, work in the legal industry tends to slow down during the period around Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Day. Once courts are reopened and attorneys are back in their offices, husbands and wives who are looking to move ahead with marriage dissolution have the opportunity to take concrete steps.
  • Post-Valentine’s Day decisions — Being bombarded with romantic images everywhere one turns could prompt unhappy spouses to think seriously about the state of their relationships. In other cases, a husband or wife might catch their spouse trying to purchase a gift or text a Valentine’s Day message for someone else.

Whether or not you’re considering joining those people who opt to begin divorce proceedings in February, learning about the benefits of divorce mediation may be very beneficial. A New York attorney with experience in this area can outline how the mediation process works and how long it might take. Who knows? By next Valentine’s Day, you might be celebrating with someone new.

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