Mediation Affords You Greater Privacy in Your Divorce

Mediation Affords You Greater Privacy in Your Divorce

Of the many benefits to divorce mediation, one of the most notable is the extra privacy it affords divorcing couples.

When you go through a standard courtroom divorce, all elements of your case are placed on the public record. Anyone with an interest in learning about your divorce could connect with the court and find information about it.

Obviously, this is something most people would prefer to avoid. The subject matter of your divorce is intensely personal, and certain details could potentially be embarrassing if members of the public (especially people you know) got a hold of them.

Mediation, however, is private. The mediator is bound to keep all discussions confidential, and nothing enters the public record for your case. This process is designed in such a way that it allows you to be more comfortable having in-depth discussions about the issues of your marriage and what is at stake in your divorce.


  • You can keep all financial information private, so people will not know how much money you make and how much you had to give up during asset division.

  • Contact information and addresses will not be publicized in court records.

  • Any information about any of the decisions you reach in mediation stay between you and your ex-spouse.

  • Nothing about your negotiations will end up affecting you socially or professionally due to public record.

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