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When is Annulment an Option in New York?

Divorce can be an emotionally and financially draining process. Naturally, most people want to avoid it if they can. Is annulment an option for your marriage? If you qualify, your marriage will be dissolved as though you had never married in the first place. There are five grounds for annulment in New York: One or… Read More »

How to Successfully Negotiate Custody During Mediation

Divorce can be tough on children, just as it is on the divorcing parents. How can you successfully negotiate custody during mediation? Put the children first Most courts decide custody issues with the best interests of the child in mind. That’s a good tip for mediation, too. Ideally, both parents should put their children first…. Read More »

Who’s Responsible for Student Loans After a Divorce?

For many people, student loans are the biggest expense they’ll incur, short of buying a home. The average college-educated person has $30,000 in debt, and people who go to grad school often incur far more. Who’s responsible for these loans after you get divorced? Student loans before marriage If you or your spouse took out… Read More »

Planning for College Savings During Mediation

As parents, you want to make sure that your child has post-high-school educational options—and unfortunately, colleges and vocational programs are not cheap. How can you best plan for college savings during mediation? New York state laws In New York, the age of majority is 18—but the duty to pay child support doesn’t end until the… Read More »

Is Bird’s Nest Custody Right for You?

If you’ve heard about “birdnesting” or “bird’s nest custody,” you might be wondering if this is the right choice for your post-divorce family. Bird’s nest custody keeps the children in one home, while their parents move in and out during their visitation times. What is bird’s nest custody and what does it involve? When you… Read More »

Financial Impact of Divorce on Women

Divorce is a tough process, even in the friendliest of circumstances. Unfortunately, the financial risk to women is often greater than the risk to men. Whether you’re a woman considering divorce or you’d like to learn about ways to mitigate financial damage, read on: this article can help you prepare for potential issues. Earning potential:… Read More »

Solving Complex Divorce Issues Through Mediation

So many divorces include complex financial, custody and support issues. If you plan to engage a mediator during your divorce, it’s important to have a plan to solve these problems. Here are some tips to make the process easier. Know the issues You will probably have an idea of which issues are most likely to… Read More »

How to Find the Right Divorce Mediator

Mediation can simplify and even expedite the divorce process. If you and your spouse are willing to work together on dividing assets, creating a coparenting plan and handling other issues, the next step is to find a great mediator. Here’s how to narrow down your options and find the right mediator for you. Mediation background:… Read More »

Coparenting and Screentime Rules

Coparenting can provide a child with a stable, cooperative environment, even after their parents split up. However, it’s difficult for parents to agree on everything 100 percent of the time. Screentime is a hot button issue that can cause conflicts. When one parent has strict screentime rules (often in the interest of their child’s health… Read More »

Grounds for Divorce in New York

If you’re thinking of divorcing in New York state, it’s important that you understand what constitutes grounds for divorce. If you fail to meet the residency or have an acceptable reason for divorce, it could be delayed or better handled in another state. Residency requirements You must meet one of the following conditions: You or… Read More »