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Are Mothers Favored in Custody Agreements?

Divorcing is already a mental, emotional and financial strain. When parents contemplate the possibility of being separated from their children, it can be extremely distressing. Clients often wonder whether mothers are favored in custody agreements. In the past, mothers were favored because they were also considered primary caregivers. Here’s the good news: New York takes… Read More »

Dealing With a High Conflict Parent During and After Mediation

If you’re divorcing your partner, mediation can be an attractive option: it’s often faster, less expensive and easier than litigation. Not all couples are suited for mediation, however, particularly when one parent is considered high conflict. Many mediators recommend people in high conflict marriages pursue other divorce options, since it’s unlikely either or both parents… Read More »

What if Divorce Mediation Doesn’t Work for Us?

Mediation can be a time-saving, cost-effective and less stressful divorce process—when both spouses are committed to making it work. Unfortunately, not every couple benefits from cooperative divorce negotiations. Sometimes, it’s impossible to reach an agreement on the thorny issues, even if you do want to make it work. When divorce mediation fails, you can still… Read More »

Health Insurance After Your Divorce

Excessive medical debt plagues millions of Americans. Health insurance can help defray these costs and protect your financial health. If you depend on a spouse for health insurance, however, divorce often means you’ll need to come up with a new plan. Health insurance in divorce settlements Health insurance can be included in divorce settlements, depending… Read More »

Different Types of Child Custody

When a divorcing couple has children, one of the most pressing issues is who will care for the kids. New York courts and mediators typically take a “best interest of the child” approach: who can best provide for the child’s emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs? Your custody arrangement may differ, depending on income, work… Read More »

Prenuptial vs. Postnuptial Agreements

No one wants to enter marriage already contemplating divorce, but it can be a prudent move, especially if you’ve been married before. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements both determine how assets will be divided in the event the marriage ends. What’s the difference between prenuptial and postnuptial agreements? Here’s a brief overview of what they are… Read More »

Do I Need an Attorney for Mediation?

One of the most common questions clients ask is whether they need to hire an attorney for mediation. One of the most attractive features of mediation—a lower cost than litigation—is because attorneys are usually not involved. However, you may benefit from consulting with an attorney before or during the process. If mediation isn’t successful, you… Read More »

What to Do When Your Spouse Says They Want a Divorce

It is common for one spouse to unilaterally decide their marriage is over. When this happens, it can cause the other spouse significant distress. You might be tempted to beg them to stay, preemptively take your half of the joint assets or other emotional reactions. Unfortunately, knee-jerk responses can work against you. Here are some… Read More »

Tips for Successful Online Divorce Mediation

Online divorce mediation became popular during COVID-19, but the convenience and ease of online mediation is here to stay. Thanks to high-speed internet and videoconferencing software, it’s easier than ever to fit a mediation appointment into your busy life. Here are some tips to help you successfully choose an online divorce mediator, and how to… Read More »

Why Do People Choose Mediation?

Divorce can be expensive, especially if you and your spouse have negative feelings toward one another. While you’re entitled to hire lawyers to battle it out in court, that can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition. If you and your ex simply want to get it over with in the easiest, fastest and least expensive… Read More »