Solving Complex Divorce Issues Through Mediation

Solving Complex Divorce Issues Through Mediation

So many divorces include complex financial, custody and support issues. If you plan to engage a mediator during your divorce, it’s important to have a plan to solve these problems. Here are some tips to make the process easier.

Know the issues

You will probably have an idea of which issues are most likely to be sticking points during mediation. Make a list of potential pain points, and solicit feedback from your ex and/or mediator before you begin the process. As mediation continues, other complex problems may arise, which you can address at that time.

Consult your own mediation friendly attorney

You’re entitled to retain your own divorce attorney, even if you’re mediating your divorce. Even if you don’t bring your respective attorneys to mediation with you, you can always consult with them before discussing a complex issue in mediation. An attorney can explain your rights under the law, and make suggestions for ways to solve the problem.

Brainstorm with your ex

Mediation is appealing thanks to its collaborative approach. Instead of fighting against each other, you can brainstorm solutions with your ex. Some couples find visual aids, like flowcharts, a good way to dissect problems and potential solutions.

Come to mediation prepared to compromise—and consider that there may be a better way to accomplish your goals. This is especially important if you will be coparenting after your divorce.

Talk to other neutral professionals

Depending on the type of issues you need to resolve, you may decide to seek help from other third-party, neutral professionals during mediation. For example, therapists, financial professionals and other experts can provide valuable insight and guidance.

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