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Tips to Help You Achieve an Equitable Division of Property in Mediation

One of the primary issues divorcing couples will need to work through during the divorce mediation process is how they will divide their marital assets in a way that is equitable. Keep in mind that equitable does not necessarily mean equal—it simply means fair. The division of marital property may seemingly favor one spouse in… Read More »

Factors that Influence the Length of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is frequently used as a way to shorten the length of the divorce process, especially when compared to divorce litigation. However, there are still some factors that could make the mediation process itself take shorter or longer. Some of these factors include: Wealth: The number of assets you have and the value of… Read More »

Mediation “Minutiae”: Loose Ends Can Unravel Your Divorce Settlement

If you’re considering divorce mediation, it’s important to select an experienced mediator. New York has surprisingly few requirements for certification as a family law mediator. So, if you are only considering the cost, it’s easy to wind up with someone who is just starting out or doesn’t have any kind of legal background. A novice… Read More »