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The Most Common Reasons People Choose to Mediate

There are some circumstances in which judges order divorcing couples to participate in meditation before bringing their cases to court. However, many couples simply choose the mediation path without having to be ordered to do it. Here are a few of the most common reasons people choose to mediate. Cost: Mediation is significantly less expensive… Read More »

The Benefits of Using Mediation for Child Custody Arrangements

Child custody is one of several issues you can resolve in the divorce mediation process. Doing so is, for most people, a preferable alternative to going through court litigation to handle the issue. Here are just a few examples of some of the benefits of using mediation for developing a child custody arrangement. You have… Read More »

Helpful Tips for Communication During Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation can save you a lot of time and money—so long as both you and your spouse negotiate in good faith and practice positive communication. If you don’t know how to communicate effectively, you will likely experience a lot of stalls and setbacks in the mediation process. Here are a few helpful tips to… Read More »

Mediation Helps Establish Good Communication Practices for After a Divorce

There are many benefits associated with using mediation for your divorce. It helps you get through the process more efficiently while also saving you a great deal of money and providing you with control over the outcome of your divorce. But the benefits of mediation don’t end when you have your final divorce decree. Some… Read More »

Financial Pros and Cons of Divorce Mediation

If you want to keep your divorce out of the courtroom as much as possible, mediation can be a great option for efficiently working through the process while maintaining control over the decisions being made regarding the issues. Like any divorce method, there are some pros and cons to divorce mediation that you should carefully… Read More »

What’s the Point of Mediating a Divorce, Anyway?

While there are certainly divorces that can become expensive, drawn-out and dramatic courtroom affairs, it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, you can select mediation as an alternative. But what exactly is the purpose of mediation, and why is it becoming increasingly common among divorcing couples? An overview The biggest reason to opt for… Read More »

Divorce Mediation Levels the Playing Field

One of the biggest benefits of divorce mediation is that it does a lot to level the playing field between spouses. It is a supervised setting in which spouses can negotiate the terms of their divorce, meaning it is very difficult for one spouse to dominate the other and control the conversation and decision making—the… Read More »

Pandemic Delays Make Non-Litigation Divorces More Appealing

Even though courts have begun to reopen in some areas throughout the United States, the backlog that built up through the pandemic will take many months to clear. Judges and court administrators will face a type of triage as they determine which cases should be prioritized as operations slowly return to normal. Matters that might… Read More »

Divorce Mediation Spike Might Continue When Pandemic Ends

Government-imposed lockdowns, court closures and other effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have triggered an increase in the use of divorce mediation throughout the United States. Whether conducted online or in a controlled setting with just the necessary people present, mediation has allowed spouses to reach settlements that can be incorporated into a marriage dissolution order…. Read More »

Coronavirus Delays Family Court Hearings, Impacting Many Litigants

As the coronavirus pandemic brought many aspects of normal life screeching to a halt in 2020, many courthouses were shuttered to all but the most pressing criminal and civil matters. Hearings and trials not considered critical have been pushed back and some family courts have refused to allow the filing of new non-essential or non-emergency… Read More »