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Why Divorce Mediation is Getting Increasingly Popular

Divorce mediation has been rapidly gaining popularity across the nation, to the point where it has begun to replace divorce litigation as the go-to divorce method. But what is it about mediation as a divorce alternative that has made it such a popular choice? Control: You and your spouse maintain control over the outcome of… Read More »

Mediation Affords You Greater Privacy in Your Divorce

Of the many benefits to divorce mediation, one of the most notable is the extra privacy it affords divorcing couples. When you go through a standard courtroom divorce, all elements of your case are placed on the public record. Anyone with an interest in learning about your divorce could connect with the court and find… Read More »

What’s the Point of Mediating a Divorce, Anyway?

While there are certainly divorces that can become expensive, drawn-out and dramatic courtroom affairs, it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, you can select mediation as an alternative. But what exactly is the purpose of mediation, and why is it becoming increasingly common among divorcing couples? An overview The biggest reason to opt for… Read More »

What Are the Advantages of Divorce Mediation for High-Net-Worth Couples?

If you and your spouse have a high-net-worth marital estate, and you are planning to divorce, you might be tempted to litigate your divorce aggressively to ensure you walk away with the lion’s share of your assets. However, that strategy has several disadvantages, such as: Publicity — There is nothing the tabloids love better than… Read More »