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What Do Online Mediation Appointments Look Like?

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 forced many types of businesses to seek greater flexibility in their operations. For attorneys, this meant a greater reliance on virtual meetings. In the field of divorce law, this also means virtual mediation sessions. Many mediators continue to offer online mediation appointments, even after many of the… Read More »

Get Your Mediation Agreements in Writing

You will eventually get to a point in your mediation where you and your spouse agree on the issues of your divorce. In fact, you might even agree on some of the smaller issues in your very first session. Whenever you and your spouse reach an agreement, whether it be in mediation or in private… Read More »

Completing Your Agreement When You End Mediation

Once you have settled all of the issues of your divorce in the mediation process, the next step is to complete the final agreement paperwork that outlines all the decisions you made. This is what makes your divorce (and those decisions) “official.” It is important to be extremely through when completing your agreement so you… Read More »

You May Go Back to Mediation After a Divorce is Finalized

After your divorce is finalized, you might at some point need to make some adjustments to your divorce agreement to reflect changes that have occurred in your life circumstances. Rather than going straight to court with these issues, you may wish to instead return to mediation to work through the issue with your ex. Here… Read More »