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Get Your Mediation Agreements in Writing

You will eventually get to a point in your mediation where you and your spouse agree on the issues of your divorce. In fact, you might even agree on some of the smaller issues in your very first session. Whenever you and your spouse reach an agreement, whether it be in mediation or in private… Read More »

What Does “Winning” Actually Mean in Divorce?

For some, the goal of their divorce is to come out and feel like they’ve “won.” But what exactly does “winning” mean in the context of a divorce, and is this mindset perhaps a destructive one? Winners and losers Part of the problem with the idea of wanting to “win” (or that someone even can… Read More »

Tips for Mediation Issues Related to Grade School-Age Children

Divorcing couples with children have a variety of issues they must consider that couples without children do not. These issues can change or evolve based on the age of the children in question. For couples who have grade school-aged children, there are some particular issues they will need to confront as part of their mediation… Read More »