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Questions That Can Help You Build Perspective When Preparing for Mediation

While you are likely to be preoccupied with present circumstances during your divorce, it is critical that you keep an eye on the future throughout all of your preparations and negotiations. After all, while the divorce process might feel like it stretches on endlessly, it is actually only a small blip in the rest of… Read More »

What Do You Want Out of Your Divorce Mediation?

As you and your spouse prepare to head into your divorce mediation process, it is important for you to spend some time getting mentally prepared for what’s to come. This should include taking some time to set some goals and define for yourself what it is you want to get out of the process. Here… Read More »

Plan for Mediation With Your Children in Mind

Children are capable of handling more than many give them credit for, but divorce is hard on anyone—especially kids. As you and your spouse go through your divorce process, you should always keep your children in mind with the decisions you make, and aim to minimize the impact on their lives as much as possible…. Read More »

Tips for Researching Mediators Before You Choose One

When you and your spouse decide to go forward with mediation for your divorce, it is important to choose a mediator who is well trained and who will be a good fit for your needs. As with any important decision, you should do plenty of research before you make your selection. Your divorce lawyer will… Read More »

Always Set Goals Before Beginning Divorce Mediation

One of the best ways to measure the success of your mediation process is to set some goals at the outset regarding what you would like to achieve. Goals give you something to aim for, and also guide all the discussions you will have with your spouse and the mediator. If you don’t have any… Read More »

Make Sure You Do Your Homework Before Divorce Mediation

Have you and your spouse made the decision to go forward with mediation for your divorce? That’s a great first step—but now you need to start getting prepared. Your mediator exists to serve as a neutral third party. They can help guide your conversations and steer you in the right direction, but they can’t make… Read More »

Mediation One of Several Options to Keep Your Divorce Out of Court

For the majority of people going through a divorce, it is in their best interest to keep their divorce processes out of the courtroom as much as possible. Litigation can get quite expensive, can draw out for much longer than necessary and can add significantly more strain to your live and your children’s lives. There… Read More »

COVID-19 Vaccine Disagreements Leading to Increase in Divorce, Mediation

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the world of divorce mediation and litigation. In the early stages of the pandemic, people were getting divorced because COVID-related lockdowns resulted in married couples being trapped in the home together for extended periods, which exacerbated existing strains in many relationships. Lately, though, there are more… Read More »

Don’t Confuse Divorce Mediation for Therapy

The time surrounding a divorce is typically fraught with emotion and anxiety. While divorce mediation is an excellent setting to work through the issues of your divorce in a way that keeps control over those issues in your hands, you must not think of it as a setting in which you work through your own… Read More »

Revealing Statistics About Divorce Mediation

How common is divorce mediation, and does mediation actually work for divorcing couples? TopCounselingSchools.org compiled information and statistics from a variety of sources to illustrate the effectiveness of divorce mediation. Here are some of the most notable pieces of information they highlighted. The average mediation takes three to six months to finish, versus an average… Read More »