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What Children Want From Their Parents During Divorce

The emotional turmoil of a divorce or separation isn’t just exclusive to the spouses going through it—children can also suffer significant trauma as a result of a divorce. It’s important to make sure you consider their needs and pay close attention to them as you navigate through and beyond the divorce process. During your divorce,… Read More »

Some Positive Habits That Can Help You Through a Divorce

The divorce process can be emotionally and logistically quite difficult. In addition to working with an attorney and allowing them to guide you through the process, you should also make it a point to develop some healthy, positive habits that will keep you in the right mindset and help you get a positive outcome in… Read More »

How You Can Speed Up Your Divorce

Most people want to get through their divorce process as quickly as possible. There is, of course, the emotional toil that the divorce process can put on a person that encourages haste, but there are also factors such as business ownership, child custody or other important issues that both parties would typically rather resolve as… Read More »