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Prioritizing Self-Care During Divorce Mediation

While every divorce is different, just about everyone going through the process will experience some sort of emotional toll. It’s important to prioritize self-care during the process so you can maintain your sanity and keep your focus on the future. Here are a few ways to care for yourself during the process: Find someone to… Read More »

Strategies to Help You Stay Calm if Mediation Gets Tense

The process of mediation can be emotionally fraught even when both spouses have committed themselves to the process and to negotiating in good faith. Things may occasionally get tense in these sessions. In these moments, it is important to stay calm and move past the issues as best you can to avoid further inflaming tensions… Read More »

Prepare Yourself Emotionally for the Mediation Process

You’ve probably been thinking about getting a divorce for quite some time. But even a person who has had plenty of time to think and reflect on the idea of divorcing might find the actual process to be emotionally challenging. Therefore, it’s important for you to prepare yourself emotionally for the mediation process. Here are… Read More »

What Children Want From Their Parents During Divorce

The emotional turmoil of a divorce or separation isn’t just exclusive to the spouses going through it—children can also suffer significant trauma as a result of a divorce. It’s important to make sure you consider their needs and pay close attention to them as you navigate through and beyond the divorce process. During your divorce,… Read More »