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Why Divorce Mediation is Getting Increasingly Popular

Divorce mediation has been rapidly gaining popularity across the nation, to the point where it has begun to replace divorce litigation as the go-to divorce method. But what is it about mediation as a divorce alternative that has made it such a popular choice? Control: You and your spouse maintain control over the outcome of… Read More »

Mediation Can Provide Significant Financial Savings

If you’ve decided that you will proceed with divorcing your spouse, one of your first steps will need to be determining the method you will use to proceed with divorce. If saving money is one of your primary goals (and it should be), mediation could be the best option for you. Divorce mediation involves spouses… Read More »

What to Know About Costs for Mediation vs. Lawyers

People who decide to go through divorce mediation often have questions about how this choice will impact the legal fees they can expect to pay. This varies widely based on the complexities of the case and whether you intend to still work with an attorney. In some cases you might not find it necessary to… Read More »