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Tips to Help You Achieve an Equitable Division of Property in Mediation

One of the primary issues divorcing couples will need to work through during the divorce mediation process is how they will divide their marital assets in a way that is equitable. Keep in mind that equitable does not necessarily mean equal—it simply means fair. The division of marital property may seemingly favor one spouse in… Read More »

Be a Good Listener During Your Mediation

One of the most important factors in your ability to navigate efficiently through the mediation process and come to mutually agreeable resolutions is how well you listen to your spouse. Mediation can only be successful when there is strong communication between the parties involved, and good communication requires good listening. Here are a few tips… Read More »

Mediation Establishes Communication Strategies That Can Be Helpful for Coparenting

Divorce mediation is a favorable alternative to litigation for many couples because it allows them to talk through the issues of their divorce and come to mutually agreeable solutions to those issues. This is an especially beneficial process for parents, who will need to stay in constant communication with each other after the divorce is… Read More »

Watch Your Nonverbal Cues in a Mediation Setting

In a mediation setting, sometimes what you’re not saying can be just as important as what you are saying. For this reason, it’s very important that you pay attention to your nonverbal cues so you avoid giving off a message you’d rather not broadcast. Here are a few examples of some of the cues you… Read More »

Keep an Open Mind When Negotiating Divorce Agreements

When the negotiations get started in your mediation sessions, it is likely your mediator will want to first get started with simpler issues. The idea is you can address issues that are low stakes and don’t involve much complexity, so you can build some momentum and feel good about the mediation process. Even with these… Read More »

Divorce Mediation Dos and Don’ts

Divorce can be an uncomfortable process. However, it’s becoming more popular for couples to take control over their divorce process through alternatives like mediation. To ensure a successful divorce mediation, here are a few dos and don’ts of the process you should be aware of. DO be open-minded: If you’re not willing to communicate with… Read More »

Tips for Getting Over Roadblocks to a Successful Divorce Mediation

There are many benefits to choosing mediation over litigation in a divorce. The process often costs less, takes less time and encourages open and honest communication between the parties. However, mediation is not always smooth sailing. Spouses and mediators may come upon a few common hurdles when aiming to arrive at fair resolutions that can… Read More »

Clarifying Common Misconceptions About Divorce Mediation

Over the past several years, mediation has gained popularity as a method for resolving the conflicts of divorce. Though some people see mediation as a welcome alternative to going to court, others have been slow to warm to the process. Hesitation is often based on a misunderstanding of how mediation works and what it is… Read More »

How to Talk and Listen Effectively in Mediation

In divorce litigation, your lawyer does a lot of the talking for you. The problem is that a lot of the lawyer’s talking is geared toward gaining an advantage in the case, in terms of support, property division, parenting time or another aspect of divorce. This adversarial atmosphere may not be conducive to working out… Read More »

Five Tips for Getting the Most Out of Divorce Mediation

Keeping your divorce out of the courtroom is often a win for you and your children. Mediated divorces usually result in far less bitterness, anger and emotional trauma compared to traditional litigation. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be times when your nerves reach a tipping point, especially if there are sharp disagreements to be… Read More »