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Making Your Divorce Mediation More Productive

Want to get more done in your mediation sessions and speed the process along? Here are some tips to help you make the process more productive. Know why you’re there: You aren’t at mediation to go through therapy, or to have someone else make decisions for you. Mediation is a conversation that requires active participation… Read More »

What is Co-Mediation?

The mediation process is popular in divorce cases as it provides each spouse with greater control over the outcome of the case and helps them to avoid expensive, drawn-out litigation. The term “co-mediation” refers to a system in which divorcing spouses use two neutral mediators to work through the issues in their case. Here’s an… Read More »

How Do Lawyers Help in Divorce Mediation?

One common question people have about mediation is whether they need an attorney in the process. While technically you can go through the mediation process without an attorney, it’s much more advisable that you seek legal assistance in the process. Here are just a few of the biggest benefits that come with working with an… Read More »

Tips to Help You Get Ready for Your First Mediation Session

The prospect of attending your first mediation session can be understandably nerve-racking, but if you come prepared, you’ll find yourself much more at ease with the process. Here are some of the ways you can prepare to make the process go smoother upon your arrival. Plan your route: Make sure you know exactly where you’re… Read More »

The Role of Attorneys During Divorce Mediation

There is a common misconception that divorce lawyers discourage mediation because it takes a lot of the issues of the divorce out of their hands. Both of these statements are untrue, however—the majority of attorneys support mediation whenever it is a feasible option for people going through a divorce, and there is still a role… Read More »

Protecting Your Rights During Divorce Mediation

As you go through the mediation process, it’s important for you to be mindful of your rights. Even though mediation is meant to be less adversarial, there’s still a possibility your spouse could try to take advantage of you, or infringe upon your rights. The best way to protect your rights is to work with… Read More »

What You Should Know About Mediation

Couples going through the divorce process may find mediation to be a beneficial alternative to litigation. This allows them to negotiate elements of their divorce like financial issues, property division, child custody and anything else that will need to be settled to finalize the divorce. But how does mediation work? Here’s a quick overview of… Read More »

Clarifying Common Misconceptions About Divorce Mediation

Over the past several years, mediation has gained popularity as a method for resolving the conflicts of divorce. Though some people see mediation as a welcome alternative to going to court, others have been slow to warm to the process. Hesitation is often based on a misunderstanding of how mediation works and what it is… Read More »

Misconceptions and Benefits of Family Law Mediation

At some point in most contested divorces, one or both spouses consider using mediation as a way to resolve conflicts over parenting arrangements, alimony, property division and other issues. Often, courts require the spouse to go through at least one round of discussions with a neutral third party before litigation can begin. Though many divorcing… Read More »