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Be a Good Listener During Your Mediation

One of the most important factors in your ability to navigate efficiently through the mediation process and come to mutually agreeable resolutions is how well you listen to your spouse. Mediation can only be successful when there is strong communication between the parties involved, and good communication requires good listening. Here are a few tips… Read More »

Prepare Yourself Emotionally for the Mediation Process

You’ve probably been thinking about getting a divorce for quite some time. But even a person who has had plenty of time to think and reflect on the idea of divorcing might find the actual process to be emotionally challenging. Therefore, it’s important for you to prepare yourself emotionally for the mediation process. Here are… Read More »

Making Your Divorce Mediation More Productive

Want to get more done in your mediation sessions and speed the process along? Here are some tips to help you make the process more productive. Know why you’re there: You aren’t at mediation to go through therapy, or to have someone else make decisions for you. Mediation is a conversation that requires active participation… Read More »