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When Can a Parent Cry “Uncle” on Child Support?

In the neighborhoods of old New York, boys who were bested in a wrestling match were often forced to cry “Uncle!” before the victor would let them up. It was a point of pride to give everything you had before uttering the dreaded term, which amounted to an admission of defeat and a plea for… Read More »

Do “Presumptive” Attorney Fees in a New York Divorce Shortchange the Client?

New York Domestic Relations Law has long had a provision allowing the court to compel a moneyed spouse in a divorce to pay the attorney fees of the non-moneyed spouse. This enlightened bit of legislation was meant to level the playing field between litigants who often consisted of a salaried husband and a non-salaried stay-at-home… Read More »

What Happens If My Spouse Won’t Agree to Divorce Mediation?

We’re often asked if divorce mediation can proceed when one spouse has not bought into the process. Mediation is designed to be a cooperative venture. If one spouse is open and engaged, but the other sits tight-lipped with arms crossed, that’s not mediation. Nor is it mediation if only one spouse shows up for the… Read More »