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Comparing Methods of Dispute Resolution

When you and your spouse decide to get a divorce, you do not necessarily have to go through the traditional courtroom litigation process. In fact, it’s highly advisable to avoid that process if at all possible, as it can get long, drawn out and expensive, not to mention it’s public. Here are a few examples… Read More »

The Most Common Reasons People Choose to Mediate

There are some circumstances in which judges order divorcing couples to participate in meditation before bringing their cases to court. However, many couples simply choose the mediation path without having to be ordered to do it. Here are a few of the most common reasons people choose to mediate. Cost: Mediation is significantly less expensive… Read More »

Keep an Open Mind When Negotiating Divorce Agreements

When the negotiations get started in your mediation sessions, it is likely your mediator will want to first get started with simpler issues. The idea is you can address issues that are low stakes and don’t involve much complexity, so you can build some momentum and feel good about the mediation process. Even with these… Read More »

What to Know About Negotiations in the Mediation Process

When the negotiations get started in your divorce mediation, it is likely the mediator will encourage you to get started with simpler, less-contentious issues. The idea is that tackling these easier issues will help you build some momentum and establish some trust to help you get “warmed up” for some of the more emotional issues… Read More »

What’s the Difference Between Collaborative Divorce and Mediation?

Divorce doesn’t have to be a messy battle with winners and losers. When spouses are willing to compromise with each other with the aid of trained professionals, the odds are increased that they’ll come out of a divorce with financial and familial arrangements that are acceptable to both and that form a foundation for future… Read More »

What Documents Should I Prepare for My Divorce Mediation?

When you’re getting divorced, you have two major considerations: your parental rights and your property rights. To protect your property rights, you need to have specific knowledge of your family finances. That requires documentation of both parties’ incomes as well as a full accounting of all your assets and your obligations. If any assets or… Read More »