Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Prolong a Failing Marriage

Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Prolong a Failing Marriage

Even when someone recognizes their marriage is failing, they may feel pressured to keep the union intact for one reason or another. This attempt to salvage a marriage at all costs almost always worsens the situation and can even be dangerous to your physical or financial health. If your marriage is no longer working, there are compelling reasons to take action sooner rather than later:

1. Finances

Each day you remain in an unsatisfactory marriage, you and your partner make purchases and other financial decisions that will need to be addressed in an eventual divorce. Retaining legal representation helps you to protect your assets and build a foundation for the future.

2. Children

Nothing is more important than the well-being of your children. Unfortunately, their needs can be overlooked when you and your spouse are at each other’s throats. Filing for divorce gives parents the legal and professional support they need to resolve important issues positively while lessening the negative impact on their children.

3. Emotional cost

We are all familiar with the experience of tearing a Band-Aid off quickly; taking quick, decisive action may sting, but the pain soon subsides. The same can be said for emotional wounds. By dealing with them as promptly as possible, you can save yourself from pain that could last for years.

4. Loss of social and employment opportunities

You deserve the chance to be happy in each area of your life. Lingering in a marriage that does not work prevents you from taking advantage of available opportunities. Moving ahead with a divorce creates personal and professional options that you might not even know existed.

5. Possible depression

A person does not shake off the pain of marital discord when their spouse is out of the room. Fear and anger rob you of the ability to enjoy activities that you once looked forward to. When troubling issues remain unresolved, many people turn their pain inward and suffer from depression.

6. Health issues

Stress and lack of sleep can break down your body’s ability to defend itself. Freeing yourself from the uncertainty of a failing marriage empowers you to concentrate on your own health and well-being.

7. Fortune favors the bold

Even when you’re hesitant, good results usually follow when you seize control of your life rather than waiting for things to happen. Initiating the process empowers you to address the crucial issues on your terms.

8. Your children’s living environment

Many parents remain in unhappy marriages in the mistaken belief that it benefits their sons and daughters. To the contrary, children are entitled to attentive parents who can focus on creating a safe, healthy environment rather than a home that is overwhelmed by feuding spouses.

9. Current and future debt problems

Couples who aren’t communicating well risk making harmful financial decisions. Secrecy can lead to substantial debt that might haunt you for years, even if you knew nothing about it. Filing for divorce ensures that money matters are handled openly.

10. Potential criminal or abusive behavior

The constant stress of a crumbling marriage can drive people toward careless or even destructive behavior. It only takes one flare-up to cause permanent harm to you or your children. Terminating the marriage can relieve the pressure and allow the parties to safely resolve issues in a legal forum.

If you’re considering whether it is time to initiate the divorce process or you have already decided to end your marriage, learn how Solutions Divorce Mediation, Inc. can help. Call us at 1.631.683.8172 or contact our Long Island office online.

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