Tips for Discussing Mediation With Your Spouse

Tips for Discussing Mediation With Your Spouse

If you’re interested in proceeding with mediation as the method of completing your divorce, it’s important you have this conversation with your spouse so you can both get on the same page about how you will move forward.

Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind as you prepare to have this discussion.

  • Decide the right venue for the conversation: Will you have this conversation orally, or will you communicate in writing? If orally, where will you have this conversation and when? Consider how much of a communication breakdown you’ve experienced and whether you have any reason to believe your spouse will react negatively to your suggestions.

  • Plan out the conversation: It’s a good idea to come into the conversation with a gameplan rather than deciding to do it on a whim without much thought. Have information about potential mediation options readily available, including brochures or other materials. Know what you intend to say and the tone you will keep in the conversation.

  • Have specific mediators in mind: You can even go so far as already having researched mediators and have a specific one in mind. Being prepared with this information can show you are serious about the prospect of going through mediation and that you will give it a good-faith effort. That being said, you should still make sure to give your spouse some choices so it’s not just you dictating what will happen.

  • Maintain a positive tone: Never threaten or patronize your spouse when having the discussion about divorce method. This, simply put, is against the spirit of mediation and would not start you off on the right foot, and it wouldn’t exactly make your spouse want to listen to you anyway.

  • Have logical reasons for your wishes: Be prepared to give your spouse all of the logical reasons why mediation would be best for your situation.

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