Tips for Researching Mediators Before You Choose One

Tips for Researching Mediators Before You Choose One

When you and your spouse decide to go forward with mediation for your divorce, it is important to choose a mediator who is well trained and who will be a good fit for your needs. As with any important decision, you should do plenty of research before you make your selection.

Your divorce lawyer will likely have some recommendations for possible mediators to work with. But for any would-be mediator for your case, you should be prepared to ask questions such as:

  • Are you experienced in mediation?
  • Did you complete the necessary training courses to be a professional family mediator? How many hours of training were required for you to begin mediating professionally?
  • Are you certified in basic mediation, family mediation or any other related areas that may be helpful in this case?
  • Did you participate in a co-mediation period or an apprenticeship as part of your training and certification program?
  • How many cases have you mediated? What types of cases have you specifically focused on?
  • How would you describe your mediation style?

Ultimately, you must find a mediator who is experienced, professional and capable of handling the issues in your divorce. Make sure they have a track record of success in working with divorcing clients. You should also inquire about fees and fee structures—while cost isn’t the most important consideration in selecting a mediator, it is at least something you will want to consider as you will likely have a budget.

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