Tips to Help You Get Ready for Your First Mediation Session

Tips to Help You Get Ready for Your First Mediation Session

The prospect of attending your first mediation session can be understandably nerve-racking, but if you come prepared, you’ll find yourself much more at ease with the process.

Here are some of the ways you can prepare to make the process go smoother upon your arrival.

  • Plan your route: Make sure you know exactly where you’re going in advance. Look up about how long it typically takes to get to the site given the day and time at which you’ll be driving. Give yourself extra time to find parking and to find your way in the building. Try to be 10 minutes early if possible.
  • Gather documents: Make sure you have all of the documents that either have already been filed or will be required by the court. Collect lists of all your assets and debts, as well as important financial statements and contact information for any of the key people in your divorce.
  • Have some talking points and topics ready: Before you begin mediation, it’s important to think through your priorities in the process. What are the topics that matter to you, and how would you prioritize them? If you spend some time thinking about this ahead of time, it will become easier to negotiate some of the issues and to compromise on some issues lower on your priority list.
  • Consider payment: Mediation is not free. Make sure you’ve arranged for payment ahead of time and know exactly how much you’re going to need to pay for the session.
  • Get some rest: Make sure you show up to the session with a full night’s sleep behind you, and that you’ve eaten a meal or snack to keep yourself sated. This will help you make it through the extended sessions and will make it more likely you come in with a positive attitude.

For more information about the first mediation session and what you can expect, contact an experienced Long Island divorce attorney at Solutions Divorce Mediation.

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